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Cave Photos

  • Friar's Hole and Crookshank Pit: photos, trip report
  • Cassell Cave: photos, trip report (part 8)
  • Hamilton Cave: photos, trip report
  • Whitings Neck Cave: photos, trip reports 1, 2
  • Bowden Cave: photos, trip report
  • Pine Hill Cave: photos, trip report
  • Maryland Caves: photos
  • Donaldson Cave: trip report
  • Trout Cave: photos, trip reports 1, 2
  • Smoke Hole Cave (KY): photos, trip report
  • Crooked Creek Ice Cave: photos
    Friars Hole and Crookshank Pit,
    Pocahontas/Greenbrier Co, WV

    Photos from a tourist trip
    Sept 2002

    Cassell Cave,
    Pocahontas Co, WV

    Various photos from two trips
    Summer 2001

    Hamilton Cave,
    Pendleton Co, WV

    Photos from June 2002

    Whiting's Neck Cave,
    Berkeley Co., WV

    (photos from numerous and sundry trips)

    Bowden Cave, Randolph Co., WV
    (Photos from 2001 by Aaron Teske)

    Pine Hill Cave, Rockcastle Co., KY
    (Photos from 2001 by
    CD with column
    Mike and I looking cheerful......and at the entrance looking evil.
    (photos from 1996)

    Donaldson Cave, Berkely Co, WV
    (photos by Mark Kochte and CD, October, 2000)
    Amy in a hole
    First room
    Group portrait
    Gypsum formation
    Indy in a squeeze

    Trout Cave, Pendelton Co, WV
    (photos by Pam Klinger from August, 2000)
    Amy in a hole again
    Trout Entrance
    A group portrait
    A narrow corridor

    Smokehole Cave, Rockcastle Co, KY
    (photos from April 2000)
    Gearing up
    Gearing up 2
    Amy crossing a bridge
    Mike with some formations
    A bat
    More bats
    Lots more bats


    A dwarf iris
    A trilium
    Columbine, the flower
    more columbine

    Crooked Creek Ice Cave, Rockcastle County, KY
    (Photos from 1995-96)

    Tom horsing around with vertical gear
    More vertical Tomfoolery
    The town of Cass, WV
    The Gangsta Mappers milling about

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