Photos from Cassell Cave

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  • Bratwurst Redux, July 2002
  • Bratwurst Passage, January 2002
  • Above Medville Falls, November 2001
  • South Fork, May 2001
  • Windy Tourist Trip, June 2001

    The Second Bratwurst Survey, July 2002

    Photos by Tom Kornack

    North Fork Passage: Miles with his drug of choice

    Into the Rat Race

    Bob prays to Mecca

    Climbing into the Skeleton Domes

    Typical Bratwurst scenery

    Into virgin territory!

    Moving through the narrow passage

    Calcite spar crystals

    Miles tries some creative lighting effects

    Bob taking data

    The weird Camel formation

    The First Bratwurst Survey, January 2002

    Photos by Tom Kornack

    The usual chaos Saturday morning at the Durbin Depot

    Neither snow nor unplowed roads can keep us from our caving!

    Me at the Windy Entrace

    We rapped straight from the top of the sinkhole this time.

    Tom comes down the pit. I don't know why the rope makes that sharp angle...

    The flowstone traverse above the Rat Race on the way to the Skeleton Domes.

    Tiny negotiates the tricky loop climb (10') in the Skeleton Domes

    Tiny lingers at the base of the Skeleton Domes (30').

    The Bratwurst passage is often profusely decorated!

    Dwight in the Bratwurst passage from above

    Tom occupies a gorgeous grotto

    In the Bratwurst Formation Room, there are numerous acid-trip formations.

    ...and many pristine formations.

    Back down the Skeleton Domes, this time via cable ladder.

    The PQ survey team, ready to depart

    Above Medville Falls Survey Trip, Nov 2001

    Various precave milling on Back Mountain Road

    Ralph and Rick at the Pit entrance

    The fearsome Medville Falls. Our bolting route was on the left.

    Madeline frogs 30' to the left of Medville Falls.

    The DZ survey team in action

    Time for Lunch

    Ben Madore retreats through a sharp-rimmed hole.

    Two views of the Magic Carpet; a sheet of flowstone about 3' by 7' by 1/4" thick supported only on one edge.

    Cave coral on the walls of an old pool now drained by a small lead in the floor. The old waterline is clearly visible.

    Three samples of the formations above Medville Falls.

    South Fork Survey Trip, May 2001

    Penelope Pooler and Bob Alderson at the Window Climb.
    Tom Kornack displays proper frog technique at the Window climb.
    Bob Zimmerman tests out the new bolt on the now-bypassed Mud Bridge climb.
    Atop the Mud Bridge, Lew Carroll, Tom Kornack and Bob Zimmerman perform various maintainance. Note the black bag of vertical gear that got left behind.
    Some calcite formations on the floor of the now-bypassed crawl back toward the Waterfall room.
    Madeline Li, Lew Carroll and Tom Kornack appear slimed but cheerful after a less-than-stellar survey trip.
    Tom Huette, Ralph and Tsai-Hong Hartley, Pat Bingham and Bob Zimmerman down some vittles at the Depot.
    They're Baa-aack! - Pat Bingham, Tom Kornack and Charles Danforth prepare to re-enter Cassell to retrieve Tom's errant vertical gear

    Windy Section Tourist Trip, June 2001

    The crew assembles in Time Square
    Mmmmm, cave snacks! Amy Rosenberg downs some nutritious Cavesnax (tm)
    Milling about at the Pond
    Not actually an amputee, Jesse Nice climbs the tricky face near the Window climb room.

    Charles Danforth
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