Pictures from my recent trip to my future home, the University of Colorado at Boulder.

First and foremost, the mountains dominate the view to the west:

I got dropped off at the University Club where I spent two nights.

The campus is nice and has fairly consistent architecture. The views can't be beat.

I will be working in the sprawling Duane physics building. It has two towers, the Gamow and JILA towers and is very complicated.

Another view of the Gamow tower. My office may be on the fifth floor.

Biking is a big thing in this town and bike lanes (and walking lanes) are well-marked and everywhere.

For those without bikes, the bus system (Hop, Skip, Jump, Leap, Dash, Bound, and Stampede) is omnipresent. The Skip bus cruises up and down Broadway.

Climbing, for recreation and safety, is clearly an important activity.

Charles Danforth
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