Sink The Pink!!!

The Pink Tri-Cam Fan Page

Whether you love it or hate it, everyone seems to have some strong opinion of our little pink friends. That's right, the size 0.5 Tri-cam from Camp! Personally, I love the little buggers. No climb is complete until you sink the pink.

Ode to a Pink Tricam

Oh Pink's the one I love to place
when I'm alone way up in space
on some exposed and airy face.

They sink where other gear won't go.
When all you've got is manky pro,
This tricam saves your butt from woe.

But it's often hard to get them out;
They make your second moan and shout
And wave his nut tool 'round about

But that's why you're the one on lead
Your problems are a different breed
As long as someone does the deed...

"Oh quit your whimpering," you rumble,
"And get it out or there'll be trouble"
"Get to work now, on the double!"

Although it sometimes takes a while,
They do come out with vim and guile,
(or chiselling and curses vile.)

Pink will do what all the rest.
Won't do when they're put to the test.
Oh pink tricams are just the best!

-- Charles "Pinky" Danforth

Other Fans of the Pink Tricam

  i laughed until i cried.  i face a ritual ragging
every time i produce those fantastic pieces of pro. 
but i persevere in singing their praises.  thanks
for providing a good laugh!

From Rolling Stone, Seattle, WA:

Rock On!


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